Monday, September 10, 2012

Nfu-Oh 61

I realize everyone has seen this polish a 1,001 times on 100 different nail blogs, but thanks to NailsIT, it is brand new to me. In fact, it is the only Nfu-Oh I own, so I was excited to try it, and it is just too gorgeous not to share!

The biggest lesson I learned with this polish? DO NOT touch it until it is completely dry! Otherwise it picks up the previous coat, smudges, and it is all bad!

Regardless, I learned my lesson. Sometimes I get tired of seeing so many pictures of holos on blogs. I mean I get it, it shines rainbows, ooooh, awwwww, pretty! But it can get old... then I put a holo on my nails and O.O I completely understand the need for pic spam of them!!

Then, of course, I had to go and ruin this beauty by trying some stamping! >.<

The topcoat just killed it and took the rainbow shine away! :( I guess at least now I know better for next time! 
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