Monday, November 28, 2011

Umm, You Spilled Some Melted Dimes on My Hand, Sir

The title? Don't ask. After 4 hours in a small, closed room with lacquer fumes, this is what my brain comes up with. I looked at my nails and thought "hey that's almost a skin color", then looked again and said "Pumping Iron? WTF did they name it Pumping Iron for? It looks more like melted silver coins to me!". Alas... either I need sleep, or I need to open a window! =P

The  nails? Well, I recently saw a  cute manicure on ChitChat Nails, which you can see here (they are significantly better than mine, but I am okay with that), and I liked it so much that I had to try it out for myself! It is called a Ruffian Manicure.

I never thought before to pair a pale cream with a metallic! It's actually really cute, though! So for this look, I used Sally Hansen Pumping Iron, then placed french manicure guide stickers at my cuticles and added a franken of Sally Hansen Beachy Keen and Color Club Sugar Sheer that I made specifically for this design.

As my stamping skills are still in the "half the time it's decent, half the time it's a major fail" stage, I debated on forgoing that step, but decided to try it out anyway; the nails are just a little too plain for me without it. So for the stamping, I used plate BM04 and Pure ICE Super Star!.  For all of the time it took me to stamp these in all their not-so-stampy-goodness, I probably could have hand-painted some freakin' leaves on there twice as fast! =P I definitely still need more stamping practice!

Anyway, it was only after I had stamped and top-coated that I realized, in all of my geniusness....

...they're upside down! =P Oops. =) The nastiness on the middle finger is where I attempted to stamp silver over/slightly beside the white and it apparently didn't all come off. Too late, now, though!

P.S. Notice the index and pinkie nails? We got into a fight again and they both needed to take another vacation for a little while. The index finger was really weak and thin, strangely, and one of the corners just randomly fell off while I was removing some polish. The pinkie basically did the same but it wasn't thin and weak, it just peeled into pieces at the tip. Which is especially strange because I never have peeling and since I started taking extra good care of them (a yearish ago), my nails have not been weak or thin at all. Hrm, Idk. I expect to be seeing them again before the new year, anyway, so it's okay. =D

P.P.S. The other things my brain on acetone and lacquer fume-overload come up with.... I was trying to do homework, sitting in the sun by the window, highlighter in hand, when I looked at my highlighter...

...and thought "I need a bottle of nail polish this color!!!" =P I think it is definitely time to open a window! =D

How do you feel about this look? Personally, I love it so much I am already coming up with other combos that I want to try!

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a Less-Fumey-Than-Mine Monday!! =)
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