Saturday, November 5, 2011

Falling into Autumn

For this look, I started the background with two coats of Confetti Show Stopper, a taupe-ish, pink-ish brown color and sponged on two coats of Chunky Holo Black by Kleancolor. I sponged this because that soaked up a lot of that nasty purpley base that is Chunky Holo Black so that it wouldn't discolor Show Stopper as much,  it was more glittery per sponging and, as we all know, Kleancolors take a century to dry, so this helped alleviate that problem too. 

For the leaves, I used Avon Tangtastic (orange), Nina Ultra Pro Like Butta (yellow) and NYC Park Ave (brown). I mixed each color with a plain black and a plain white to have three shades of each. The stripes on the leaves are done with a Kiss striper in black. 

I didn't want to have actual leaves. Partly because I wouldn't be able to paint them to look as realistic as I'd like, so I decided on the illusion of leaves look.

That cute butterfly pen was made for me by my bff. =D

Showing off my new phone case from my oldest niece. =)

I had messed up the orange leaf on my ring finger and tried to cover it up with more orange after the black and you can't really tell in real life, but it looks terrible in pictures! =P


They aren't the best leaves. For one, I didn't have that much time so I didn't try very hard on them. I painted them pretty quick. Two, I didn't do any clean-up due to time, either. Three, I didn't plan on wearing them for very long, so I wasn't too worried about it. But I like them, anyway. =D

Is anyone else excited for Fall designs/polishes?

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a Super Saturday!! =)
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