Saturday, November 19, 2011

Glitterin' Gizzards

I was doubly inspired for this Thanksgiving design. I loved Dolly's Thanksgiving Sparkle design and thought that JulieG's turkeys were the cutest things ever! Alas, I had to combine the two and got this look.

I started off with 3 coats of a Nutra Nails Touch of Color beigey polish and on all of the nails except for the thumb and ring did a french tip with Avon Tangtastic. The turkeys are NYC Park Ave, their feathers are Avon Tangtastic, China Glaze Golden Opportunity and a franken red that I made and used for Halloween that you can also see here. The hangy down gobble thingy is done in the same red and their beaks are a combination of two parts Pure ICE Super Star! (white), one part Tangtastic and five parts Golden Opportunity.

I got a little bit of smearing from the top coat, but nothing I can't live with.

I only have one warning if you try out these nails... It is a bad idea to later shove your hand in your husband's (or whatever he may be) face and yell "gobble, gobble gobble"... Apparently they don't appreciate that. =)

What design will you be sporting next week?

I am going to be MIA until the From the Vault post on Friday the 25th! I have some wonderful guest posts lined up until then, though, so be sure to check those out! =)

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a lovely day and a wonderful holiday!

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