Monday, November 21, 2011

Flowers with Nail Reflections

To kick off Guest Post Week here at Nails Like Lace, I'd like to introduce Kimberly from Nail Reflections! She has a simple, but super cute tutorial for us today, so stayed tuned! =)


Hi All!

I'm Kimberly from Nail Reflections! Today, I'm so very very excited that Amber asked me to Guest Post on her blog!! I have never been a Guest Poster before. So, this is new to me. I only hope I can do Amber, her blog and her readers justice! So, with my Guest Poster hat on and polish in both hands Let's Paint!!

So, I did this beautiful but simple mani for you all. Everyone can do this! No excuses, as I walk you through it. I started off with a pretty magenta red from my No Names Collection

Then I used white acrylic paint to dot flowers in an arch from the left tip to the right, nails facing you. You can use polish for dotting too if you like. Just a reminder, if you are slow at dotting, polish dries faster then acrylic's. So, if it feels to sticky when you dip your dotting tool you might want to just use fresh polish.

Now, making the flowers. It's really easy. I made you a step by step dotting chart. What, you say you don't have a dotting tool?? Oh sure you do! I used a Bic Pen for this mani. Why? Because I like the size and it dots well. Step 1 is your center dot starting in the left corner tip. But if you feel unsure where to start, start at step 2 and just do 3 diagonal dots at the left tip.Then follow each step. I spaced the chart dots out a bit so you could clearly see where each dot went. If your dots are closer that's just fine.You always work in diagonals it helps keep it round. When you worked your way to step 6 your flower is done! Do not panic if you think you have too wide of a space between dots just add another dot. I did it on my ring finger in the picture. Then start your next flower a bit higher. Adding as many flowers as it takes for your nails. Just remember if you don't like it you can redo the nail. Big tip - If you're using acrylic on polish use alcohol  (Witch Hazel works too) to wipe it off, it won't hurt your polish and start again. If you're really nervous about it do test runs on a sheet of paper till you think you've got it then try on your nail. I test run a lot of my free hand first just to get the feel of how I want it to look. 

That is all I have for you guys. I had a great time and hope you enjoyed me and the post! Thanks again Amber for inviting me over!


Hats off to Kimberly for those cute but easy-to-accomplish floral nails! It has been great being able to have her here for what is my first hosting of a guest post; it has been fun! So thank you so much for showing us that tutorial and guest posting!

If you haven't done so yet, check out Nail Reflections to see some more of her wonderful designs, leave her lots of comments and tell her what you think!

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a Milagroso Monday!! =)

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