Monday, November 14, 2011

I See a Golden Opportunity in This Metallic Blue

I recently won China Glaze Golden Opportunity in a giveaway from Nancy at The Dark Side of Beauty and immediately wanted to try it out! I had high hopes for opacity in two coats, but alas, it is a three-coater and probably could have even used 4. I was planning on covering a lot of it up, though, so I wasn't too worried about it.

Golden Opportunity is a beautiful gold perfect for fall! However, I decided to pair it with Kleancolor Metallic Aqua (the only Kleancolor I have found thus far that takes less than a century to dry) and tried out the lace technique.

I didn't follow any tutorial, just grabbed a hunk of lace and went at it. I couldn't decide, at first, if I wanted to cut pieces of lace off and apply to my nails (sort of like the feather mani way) and leave it there encased in top coat; or place it over my nail, paint over and remove it. So I went with the lay lace over the nail, paint and remove technique and this is what I got:

I wish this had worked because I imagined it turning out really pretty! =(

So this gave me another idea. Tape the lace down to something, paint it with the polish, move it, let it dry, cut it and then apply it to the nail and encase it in top coat. This turned out even worse! =P The polish filled in a bunch of the small holes and gunked all up.

So I gave up and went in with my trusty makeup sponge, instead.

This completely un-fall'ed CG, but that's okay. I like it anyway. =D

After the sponging, I added a coat of the best glitter ever, Sally Hansen Diamonds along with some rhinestones and called it good.

After I did these nails, I thought the color combo looked sort of familiar. I've seen something like it hundreds of times before. Then I realized it...

This starfish sits in my bathroom and holds hand sanitizer. Obviously the color scheme it's exactly the same, but can you see why it looked so familiar!?

I think this design looked better before the rhinestones, but too late now. 

My favorites? Left thumb, right middle and ring and right thumb.


Have you have painted your nails and then realize you were inadvertently inspired by something and didn't realize it until afterwards?

Thanks for stopping by and everyone have a Metallic Monday!! =)
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