Friday, February 19, 2016

The Digital-Dozen does Nail Heroes: Day 5 - Homage to Acrylic

I'm always so vastly impressed with the 3D acrylic art I see some nail artists do, and I love watching acrylic nail art videos. I'm not every good with the stuff myself, I only use it to rebuild a broken corner or nail tip on occasion if I get a break that is too low for trimming. So I just love seeing the works they can create.

I decided to give the full-nail rose look a try because I am just enamored with it every time I see it! Be gentle, they're my first acrylic flowers! :)

And a shiny version because you're supposed to always topcoat acrylic, right? I dunno. I do when I'm rebuilding a nail because regular polish will ruin said extension, but I'm not sure in this case. And it really does take away from the 3D affect....? If you know, please let me know, I'm curious! I added some highlights to the edges of my petals with acrylic paint, so I wanted it to stick around, otherwise I think I would have preferred the matte, non-topcoated look of the roses.

Unfortunately that's it for Nail Heroes week. There are just so many other heroes of the nail art world that need recognition, but I had to narrow it down to my five faves.

Thanks for stopping by this week!

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