Monday, February 22, 2016

Sally Hansen: Digital Overload - Partial Collection Swatches

Press Sample

I was sent four polishes to swatch from Sally Hansen's new Digital Overload collection for spring, plus a Miracle Gel topcoat. I was so pleased with all of these polishes. The colors aren't necessarily unique, but the formulas are what make these great! We'll start with the pastel blue.

I needed three very thin coats for opacity with this one. Much to my surprise, it was highly pigmented, yet very smooth and easy to apply. It also dried fast! As soon as I was done with the fifth nail, my first nail was ready for the next coat. Plus it is a beautiful, slightly dusty, sky blue that makes my skin look really tan! I love it!

Byte Blue
This one only needed two thin coats. It is another gorgeous, slightly dusty color. It photographed royal blue but looks a little more cornflower blue in person. Byte Blue also dried fast and had a super shiny finish all by itself! I definitely recommend this one if you're in the market for a perfect summer and/or winter blue!

Let's Get Digital
Let's Get Digital is a shimmer topper. Even at five coats solo (see the last pic - my thumb) it wasn't fully opaque and didn't have nearly as pretty of a look to it! First I put two thin coats over Digi-Teal which didn't seem to change the base color any, but added a soft pink shift. In one coat over Byte Blue, the shimmer stood out like crazy and gave the polish a fantastically gorgeous glow!

Another thin three-coater, the final polish is again a semi-dusty shade that photographed a little brighter than it looks in person. Gigabryte also dried quickly and was so smooth and shiny. It was great for a yellow! It had one of the best formulas for a yellow polish that I've encountered in my 4,000+ collection. I have quite a few yellows, and half of them need a white base to even be useful; this one didn't, it was crazy easy to apply and built up to opacity really well!

Overall, I would definitely recommend any of the three creme polishes. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite because I really loved them all! They were a little too thick to water marble, but they had superb formulas and dried quickly. If these are any indication, I will for sure be sucking it up and paying $10 ish per bottle to pick up the rest of the collection! The price is a little high to me for a drugstore brand, plus I am a snob and prefer to buy 95% of my polishes on clearance, but I'm a big fan of these! My first experience with the Miracle Gel line was less than desirable, they took forever to dry on me the first time I tried one, but I'm assuming they've either improved the formula or I was doing something wrong with the other one I'd bought about a year ago. These four have put the line back on my polish radar though!

Which of the four was your favorite? Do you plan on picking anything up from this collection?

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