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SinfulColors: Class Act Collection - My Picks

This collection is a little confusing. I am going to break it down first so it will make more sense.

The entire SinfulColors Class Act collection contains 28 polishes; however, only 16 of those 28 are new, the others are core polishes that have been around. Additionally, a handful (five) of these 16 new polishes are Walgreens exclusives.

The Class Act collection is divided into three sub-collections: Chalkboard Diaries, Play it Cool, and All Nighter.

Chalkboard Diaries is a sub-collection that consists of ten polishes, nine of which are new, demi-matte shades; three of those new nine are Walgreens exclusives:
     Chalk it Up (new)
     VIPeach (new)
     Truth or Lavendare (new)
     A-Crush (new)
     RADient (new)
     Hazed (new)
     Whiteboard (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Blackboard (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Pink Break (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Black on Black (core)

Play it Cool, another sub-collection, contains eight brighter shades, three of which are new, and none are Walgreens exclusives:
     Burst of Fresh Flair (new)
     Summer S-cool (new)
     Rebel Rose (new)
     24/7 (core)
     Energetic Red (core)
     Feel the Vibe (core)
     Ice Blue (core)
     Why Not (core)

All Nighter, the third and final sub-collection contains a total of ten polishes, but only four of them are new, and two of those new four are Walgreens exclusives. This collection has the glitter toppers and special effects-type polishes:
     Late Night Haute (new)
     Blue Sensation (new)
     Sinful Sunrise (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Night Owl (new/Walgreens exclusive)
     Casablanca (core)
     Daredevil (core)
     Glass Pink (core)
     Ice Dream (core)
     Fig (core)
     Purple Diamond (core)

SO... Now that you're still just as lost as I am, and in trying to pretend I'm an organized person, I am going to list the polishes from the Class Act collection that I'll be sharing swatches of today (and which sub-collection they're from). Most of them are the new polishes from the collection, but a few are core. I was contacted by the PR company that represents SinfulColors and was asked to pick polishes from the collection, so these are my nine press sample picks (in the same order I'll be sharing them in):

     1. VIPeach (new/Chalkboard Diaries)
     2. Burst of Fresh Flair (new/Play it Cool)
     3. RADient (new/Chalkboard Diaries)
     4. Sinful Sunrise (new/All Nighter)
     5. Chalk it Up (new/Chalkboard Diaries)
     6. Late Night Haute (new/All Nighter)
     7. Truth of Lavendare (new/Chalkboard Diaries)
     8. Fig (core/All Nighter)
     9. Energetic Red (core/Play it Cool)

Note: I do own Black on Black, 24/7, Why Not, and Purple Diamond - all cores from the collection, but I will not be sharing pictures of those today as they were not part of my press sample set.

Shall we get on with it already?


This one is a pretty, creamy, buttercup yellow that needs three coats to be opaque. It was thin and easy to work with, but dried on the slower side. I love this color, but due to the opacity, or lack thereof, I gave it four out of five stars.

Burst of Fresh Flair

Burst of Fresh Flair is very thin and  easy to work with, but also very sheer. Instead of trying to build it up on its own, I put one coat over VIPeach. I'm not a big fan of the pearl finish of this one, but by using just one coat, it looks more shimmery than pearly or frosty. It dried quickly and is a pretty, golden yellow. Since it is so sheer and I'm personally not a fan of the pearl finish, though I do love the color, I only gave this one three out of five stars.


RADient isn't so much a unique color, but it does have a unique finish. It is a jelly formula, so it is sheer and needs three thin coats to be opaque; it would work great to layer with glitter for a jelly sandwich mani! Unlike typical jelly polishes that dry very shiny and squishy-looking, this jelly dried demi-matte. It is a beautiful color, though, and was easy to apply. Since jellies are supposed to be sheer, I didn't let the lack of opacity hurt my rating and gave RADient a full five stars!

Sinful Sunrise

I put one coat of Sinful Sunrise over RADient, as it would have taken too many coats to be opaque on its own, and it is meant to be a topper anyway. It is very densely packed with iridescent glitters and flakes. Unfortunately, the glitter density made the formula extremely thick, to a point where it was very difficult to spread around on the nail! I needed two thick coats of Seche Vite topcoat to smooth everything out. But WOW does this glitter GLOW! It isn't glow-in-the-dark, but in low light, you get this wicked color and reflection off the glitters! I only gave Sinful Sunrise three stars, but had it been thinner and easier to work with, it would have easily been a five-star polish!

Chalk it Up

Two beautifully thin, fluid, semi-matte, pistachio coats that dried fast. A clean five stars across the board for me on this one! It is one of my favorites from the collection!

Late Night Haute

Late Night Haute is similar to Sinful Sunrise in that it is an iridescent glitter topper. This one has those pesky string glitters, and isn't nearly as dense, thick, or opaque, plus it is in a sheer blue base instead of a pink one, but it also has its pros and cons. It doesn't glow quite like Sinful Sunrise in low light, but it does still have a nice shine to it. Though the formula was on the thicker side, I only needed one coat of topcoat to smooth it out. I used one coat of glitter over Chalk it Up and it changed the base color very slightly. Overall, I gave this one four out of five stars, but it really isn't my favorite personally.

Truth or Lavendare

Truth or Lavendare is another favorite from the collection. Unfortunately it needed three thin coats for opacity, but it dried fast and to a beautiful demi-matte lilac! It was very easy to work with, and got five stars from me!


To avoid staining from a dark polish, I put a single coat of Fig over Truth or Lavendare. It covered completely, was thin and easy to work with, and has a pretty silver shimmer to it. I don't love the color, but it is really pretty, so I gave this one a full five stars!

Energetic Red

Last but not least, this pretty, orange-toned, tomatoey color called Energetic Red. I needed two thin coats for this one to be opaque. It applied thin, smooth, and dried quickly and shiny. Once again, five stars across the board!

That's it for my Class Act swatches! Overall, I'm really loving these new demi-matte pastels, they're beautiful!

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