Tuesday, August 25, 2015

LOOK Nail Color: 4-Piece Fall Collection

Back in May I reviewed LOOK Nail Color's LOOK Proud red, white, and blue trio (see here), and I was a fan of all three! Today I have four more pretty cremes from their fall lineup.

So the LOOK fall collection consists of four polishes: Orange, Lavender, Pistachio, and Black. Very halloween-y!


This one is a pretty, bright green creme. It needed two coats for opacity. It was very smooth and easy to apply; the formula was perfect! It is a very Halloween green that can easily double as a nice summery polish. I love this one, the color is beautiful!

See this polish with nail art here.


Besides not actually being lavender, Lavender is a fabulous polish! It is more of an eggplant or plum creme. It was opaque in two coats, but so very nearly a one-coater! It had a great formula and super smooth application and formula. It photographed a tad blue, so I did adjust that. For some reason, this color really freaked my camera out and no matter what I tried, the polish looks splotchy (see macro), but it is a completely smooth single color in person, Cannon just hates purples. In person, it is a nice, rich, royal purple!

See this polish with nail art here.


Despite the less-than-unique name, Orange is a pretty pumpkin colored crelly ish creme. I say crelly ish because it isn't really a crelly because it isn't that squishy, but it is slightly thin and sheer but shiny like a crelly or jelly. It was runnier than the other polishes, so I had to apply my coats of polish as thin as possible to keep it from pooling and running; however, the extremely thin coats made Orange the fastest drying of the bunch (the others had an average dry time). I needed three coats for this one to be opaque, but application was easy. It screams Fall while still being a touch on the brighter side and therefore a great summer to autumn transitional color!

See this polish used in nail art here.


The last polish from the collection is a plain ole black. It was a one-coater with a perfectly thin formula. It stamped really well, too! Not the blackest of blacks for stamping, but it worked well.

See this polish in a nail art design here, and how it stamps here.

Overall, I give the entire collection 4.5 stars. I've shown them all with no topcoat, and they dried glossy. Not high-gloss like a topcoat would offer, but still great alone! I didn't take pictures, but I did test them out, and these all water marble beautifully, too!

LOOK is offering free shipping through their website for the entire month, so now is the time to pick up anything from them you've been wanting to try! The polishes are $4.99 each and in my opinion, worth it!

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