Sunday, August 16, 2015

Maple Holistics Oil Review

I was asked by Maple Holistics to try one of their products and review it. Searching the site, I found this beard oil. It says it is good for both skin and hair, and though geared towards men, I wondered how it would fair as a cuticle oil.

One thing I noticed initially was their exceptionally fast shipping! The oil arrived just a few days after emailing my selection!

Maple Holistics offers many natural, USA-made products from shampoo conditioner, to bath salts and scrubs, to creams and serums, and in between; but I figured an oil would fit my blog style best. Plus, a polish addict can never have too much cuticle nourishing liquid on hand!

The first thing I noticed about the oil was the scent. Obviously I wasn't expecting daffodils and strawberries, but it does have a very masculine scent. I'm not sensitive to most smells, and it wasn't punch-you-in-the-face, just very different than my fruit-loving senses are used to. The site describes it as having "Jojoba, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Coconut, Abyssinian, Sunflower, Avocado, Vitamin E, Rosemary, Lemon, and Lavender" oils, and claims "to Nourish, Cleanse and Condition Facial Hair – Great for Skin and Beard Alike". The rosemary is definitely evident and thankfully not overpowering as I'm not the biggest fan of rosemary. I can detect a hint of lemon in there, and the lavender and almond are very prominent. It is difficult to describe, but to me it smells very woodsy and spicy all in one.

So how is it? I like that the oil comes with a dropper for easy application. It soaked into my skin quickly, so no greasy fingerprints on everything I touch 30 minutes later! As with most oils, a very small amount goes a long way! It is a generous 1 oz. container, so there's plenty of oil to last a long time too!

Overall, I'm a fan. It is definitely worth the $7.95 USD price, and I will definitely be using it until the last drop!

Happy, quenched cuticles! ^.^

My blogger collaboration with Maple Holistics is sponsored by EdMuch, and they have a program where you can receive free product for sending them your honest reviews of their products that you've used. This oil was sent to me free of charge, but all opinions in this post remain completely honest, I received no monetary compensation for my review.
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