Thursday, August 20, 2015

Guest Post: Bold Water Marble Mani with Louvaine

Today's guest poster is another visitor from across the seas - Louvaine of @lacquer_licious!

Hello guys! My name is Louvaine (aka @lacquer_licious) and I'm a mother of 5 and a nail polish addict from England. I'm so excited to be guest posting for Amber!

I knew straight away I wanted to do a watermarble post and I've recently become the very proud owner of a set of Pipe Dream Polish A Night In Vegas Collection. If you haven't already heard of them they are a set of stunning neon polishes that watermarble like a dream. I chose three polishes from the collection for today's watermarble and they are Happy Hour, a beautiful neon teal, On The List, a neon pink and VIP Pass, a fantastic purple.

To start off with I took a smallish cup and filled it almost to the top with cooled boiled water. Other people use distilled water or bottled water but for me cooled boiled water works best.
The first step was to base coat my nails (I use Duri Rejuvacote) and I painted them with one coat of white polish (Dazzle Dry White Lightening) to help the neon colours pop.

Then I painted around my cuticles and all the skin from the knuckles down with liquid latex which I bought cheaply from Amazon to make clean up easier. When that's dry it is time to watermarble!

I undid the lids of my polishes and lined them up in the order I wanted to use them, and one-by-one, I dripped polish onto the water to create a bulls-eye effect.

When I was happy with the rings I started to make a pattern. I used a watermarble tool called Pure Color 7 from @whatsupnails, but you could also use a needle or toothpick. When you start your design it's really important not to touch the outer few rings as they will have started to dry already, so starting a few rings in, I used the tool to make a design in the polish.

When I was happy with the design, I dipped a nail into the water at a 45 degree angle. Then I blow on the polish to dry it and use a toothpick to collect the rest of the polish from the surface of water, remove my finger from the water, and remove the latex carefully.

When all my the nails are done I use my favourite fast drying topcoat called HK Girl by Glisten and Glow.

If you're still reading then well done on getting this far! I know a lot of ladies give up on watermarble when they don't get it right straight away, but with a bit of time to practice and trying different polishes in your collection, you can get great results!

Thanks for having me xx

Such a gorgeous marble! I love it! Thank you for posting for me today Louvaine!

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