Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dragon Eggs

You've seen a glimpse of one of my other hobbies before (multiple times if you follow me on Instagram). Dragon eggs!

I've made a lot of them, but today I just wanted to show off a few. This is the first one I ever made. I used Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black for the color shifting glitter, and a holo silver glitter on top of that.

I've even branched out and gotten more crafty with the eggs! I did some two-tone and added crests to them to represent the Harry Potter houses, plus placed gold tacks on a ball shape and made wings for a golden snitch.

I started adding black and yellow stripes to another egg, and it was looking very bee-like, so I turned it into the cutest bumblebee!

They're a lot of fun to make, I love them! Eventually I'll have to do a big post with all the ones I've made. There's probably 50 of them, so it'll take me a while! I do want to get them all photographed, though.
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