Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Night Owls feat. Seche Vite & Live Love Polish

I was recently contacted by a new-to-me shop called Live Love Polish. They sell polishes from various well-known brands: Color Club, Seche Vite, China Glaze, Floss Gloss, etc., as well as accessories, and some nail care items.

I received two polishes from them to review today: Seche Vite Empress and Seche Vite topcoat.

I used Empress and the Seche topcoat on an accent middle nail, with some owl water decals sandwiched under the topcoat. My other nails are Bio Seaweed Gel Twilight, topped with the same decals, and a Sally Hansen gel topcoat.

This is the first Seche Vite colored polish I have tried, and I was really happy with it! I'm wearing two coats of it, just because I like to have a second coat of base color after I wrap my tips, even if it is not necessary for opacity.

Empress' formula was just right, it was easy to control, and I had no application problems. I love the vampy darkness of this color, yet you can still tell it is an eggplant purple (just barely). Considering the brand and my only experience with them being their fast-dry topcoat, I wish this polish was the same, and dried in just minutes, but is more like an average polish: at least ten minutes to be dry to the touch without the aid of a topcoat.

The Seche Vite topcoat, on the other hand, is the one I've sworn by for years! Being a brand new bottle, I didn't have any "shrinkage" (when the topcoat dries, it can pull at the edges of the colored polish underneath slightly and leave the appearance of tip wear and make the color look like it has shrunken), as is common with Seche, especially once it's half used. 

The shiny surface Seche topcoat leaves is comparable to even gel polish! It's very mirrory, and extremely high-gloss, which is just another reason I love the stuff! 

Of course it was dry enough that I could press the pad of my finger on top of the nail after maybe five minutes without damaging anything, so it is nice for impatient polishers like myself!

Seche Vite Empress is currently on sale for $6.50 USD (normally $7.50), and the topcoat goes for $9.50. So the prices are comparable to the typical drugstore or beauty store prices of this brand. Plus they ship internationally, and offer free U.S. shipping over $20 (no getting out in the 20 degree winter weather! Woo!). 

Overall, I am very impressed with my first colored Seche polish, and I'll never be able to rave enough about the quick-dry topcoat! I definitely recommend this supplier for your polish needs! They have been great to work with on my end, my polishes came in a cute little package with a hand-written note. I love that personalized, extra little effort, it makes you feel like the company cares about more than just your pocketbook.

Of course, here's the beauty Empress in all her solo glory, too!

Just for the fun of it, I matted:

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