Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Eggplant Nail Art

If you saw my review post yesterday of Seche Vite Empress from Live Love Polish, today's post is sort of a supplement. When I initially received this polish, it struck me as a pretty eggplant color. So I went with my first instincts and tried my hand at some eggplants!

I used one coat of Empress on most of my nails (two on my ring finger because I managed to smack it on the counter immediately after painting), with Zoya Jacqueline as a base on my middle nail and thumb.

I used Empress for the eggplants, mixing it with small amounts of Jacqueline to add depth and highlighting to the fruit (yes, it's a fruit, Google it). :) The stem and greenery is done in Barielle Irish Eyes, mixed with a touch of Empress for the darker green areas.

I finished everything off with a coat of my favorite - Seche Vite topcoat.

Since Seche Vite Empress is so pigmented, I was curious about how well it would stamp. I grabbed a random plate and image (and learned that apparently my stamper is too small to cover the current whole length of my nails! Oops! - that's why I covered the side area of my nail that was missing the image). Not surprisingly, this makes a good stamping polish! It comes off much lighter, since stamped images are extremely thin, but I like how it turned out! It stamps opaque and works very well!

Ultimately, I absolutely love how this mani turned out! I've never seen anyone do eggplant nail art before, so I'm especially really happy with this one!
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