Wednesday, December 10, 2014

$2 Manicure: Floral Tape on Purple

Today I have a different sort of mani to share. Proof that you can still rock gorgeous nail art on a budget!

I grabbed this 3-in-1 nail art pen at Dollar Tree called Cotton Candy from Sassy Chic. It has a regular polish brush, a fine-tip pen in the cap that dispenses the polish when you squeeze it, and a tube of blue and purple hex glitters at the other end. I used this with a roll of decorative, cutout, floral tape I also found at Dollar Tree. After my polish was almost dry, I just trimmed the tape to fit my nail, and added a blue glitter to the center of the flower.

I ended up adding a matte topcoat, just because matte all the things! ^.^ I absolutely love how it looked matte! I was able to get two days of wear out of this only because I didn't let my polish dry long enough before adding the tape, and it wanted to lift, so I wasn't able to get the best seal with my topcoat, unfortunately. 

Still I'm happy with the outcome! This was a fun combo to put together, I want to do some more in the future!

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