Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday - Odd Inspiration

For today's nails, our inspiration needed to be something unusual.

Nail artists are inspired by fabric, art, prints, etc. all the time. This week the Twinsies are finding something off-the-wall instead!

I just so happen to be obsessed with making polish dragon eggs, and ended up loving the polish I put on one so much, that I wanted to wear it on my nails too!

The egg and my nails do look a little different because I only used one coat of glitter on my egg over a yellow base, but did two coats and a matte topcoat on my nails. I think I like the look better on the egg. I absolutely love the polish, but there's a bit too much glitter on my nails to show that beautiful yellow base as well as it shines through on the egg!

I've been crafting my little fingers away on these pretties for months now. The picture below is actually only about 1/3 of what my dragon egg collection is currently! This picture is from a few months ago, I just haven't gotten a chance to get another good, full collection pic. Plus two of the lovlies have been shipped away as gifts to others, so they are all due for another photo shoot!

I am excited to see what everyone else did for their manis today!

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