Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pretty Woman Sweet Chrome + Crushed Shells

Today's Pretty Woman polish is another metallic. This one, like Neverland Chrome, says 'Chrome' on the bottom, but they are currently renaming some of their products, and this one is called Sweet Chrome.

It dried pretty fast, and was opaque in two coats. I could have gotten away with one, but wanted to be sure.

I also added some of the crushed shells they sent me as an accent, using their topcoat to cover them. And learned my lesson: do not use topcoat over crushed shells. It makes them look like a melty, gross mess! I wish I'd taken a pre-topcoat picture, because they looked so pretty until I ruined them!

The topcoat performed decently, though. It was pretty average in dry time, maybe a tad faster, glossy finish, with a medium consistency: not as thick as Seche Vite, but not like cheap watery topcoats.

The shells are beautiful and the polish is really pretty... Oh well, now I know better for next time!

See ya tomorrow with a better shell mani to redeem myself!! :)

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