Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday - Classic + Untriedicure #11

This week, I had trouble coming up with a design. Until I saw this fishtail braid mani from The Crumpet, and fell in love!

I decided to recreate mine with some previously untried textured polishes in more "classic" colors.

To me, black and white are the ultimate classic colors. They go with everything. I wanted to use red, as my third, but went with pink instead because this combo is very Grease and Pink Ladies or 50's diner. 


I immediately found out that braiding textures is different than cremes. It can be a bit more difficult; however, my tips didn't become twice as thick as the cuticle with polish layers.

When braiding with textures, you can't go any further with each stripe than what is needed. So basically, where the first pink stripe is at the cuticle, all I painted is what you see, it doesn't extend under the black one and the white meets up to it rather than overlapping it at all. The first black stripe ends at the edge of the pink stripe, there's no black under the white. 

I did it this way to avoid thick polish, and because the white wasn't opaque enough to cover the others in a single coat or two. It was fairly easy once I got the hang of it, and I didn't need an extreme amount of dry time because I didn't have a lot of layers as I worked down the nail; just one color in each area, whereas with regular braids, you take each stripe all the way across the nail then cover half of it with the next color.

The three polishes I used in this are:
black: Sally Hansen - Lick-O-Rich
white: Sally Hansen - Sugar Fix
pink: Sally Hansen - Bubble Plum

In the end, I loved how these turned out! I just wish I'd had the time to fishtail braid all my nails!

I'm excited to see what everyone else in the group did for this week!

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