Thursday, January 9, 2014

Camo Cupcake Birthday Nails

I can't believe it, I am married to an old man! My hubby turns 30 this month so I painted special birthday nails for him! I knew I wanted to do camo (he's of the redneck gene, so I had to somehow incorporate camo), but I wanted to do something birthday-ish too. So I decided on camo cupcakes!

My base for this mani is e.l.f. Desert Haze. I did the camo splotches with Zoya Shawn (dark green), Dree (medium green), and Louise (brown). The "30" is China Glaze OMG a UFO with Milani Totally 80's highlighting, and all the black is Zoya Raven.

I rushed myself when I did this mani, so I could have made it much neater, but I still really like how cute they turned out! And that is coming from someone who isn't a huge camo fan!

Cupcake nails are so overdone, so I always love seeing "different" cupcakes, like the rainbow zebra cupcakes I did inspired by ProfessionalDQ a while back.

Of course I know you all appreciate my nail art more than my husband because only a nail addict can truly understand a nail addict! All I got from him was a half smile and a nod, and a not-so-enthusiastic "yea" when I showed him his birthday mani. So what do you think of them?! They kind of make me want to come up with all different types of new cupcake looks!
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