Sunday, January 26, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review - Glitter Nail Strips

Born Pretty Store is selling some new nail strips and I have a set of them to share with you today!

These strips come in 10 different glittery colors, one of them being my favorite nail color: blue! I'm showing these without topcoat.

The strips are sticker or applique-like, they are not water decals. You get 12 strips with each sheet, and they are $2.78 USD (currently on sale for $1.59).

There are some things I like about these, and some things I don't.

The pros: There is a clear film over the top so you aren't losing loose glitter all over the place, they are a tad short but a nice length for those with average length-nails, they are very cheap, and they are really pretty!

The cons: They are very hard to get flat. With all the experience I have had with nail appliques, I couldn't get all the lumps out. They don't stretch very well and if you over-stretch them then they will break and tear very easily. Your placement with these has to be precise on the first shot, so they aren't great for beginners; you can't peel them back off to re position or you'll rip them. You also cannot put topcoat over these, and you'll see why tomorrow when I share another BPS product with you! :)

My coupon code if you shop Born Pretty Store: ANL91. It will get you 10% off your order!

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