Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Twinsie Tuesday - Holiday Gift

This week, our Twinsie Tuesday theme is "Holiday Gift". We were each assigned to a different Twinsie who gave us a mani that would stretch our nail art talents as a gift. It's like Marching Orders, but less anything-goes, and more challenging. 

My "gift" came from Rachel of Top Coat It.

Rachel gave me three different manis to choose from. I could do a crackle mosaic, iKat nails, or scratch art. 

Of course I had to go with the one that I am least expected to do! ^.^

I started off with The Thames from Nails Inc. on my middle two nails, then used the bottle brush to make what are supposed to be crackle palm trees. I did the crackle mosaic on my other nails.

Now brace yourself for this. In fact you might want to take record of what I am about to say, because it is very unlikely that you'll ever hear it from me again.

You ready? *clears throat* I, um..... *deep breath* actually.... I kind of.... um.... don't hate this. Yea. It's not too bad. For a crackle mani. I kind of like it. I don't love it. It is by far the best work I've ever done. But it isn't terrible!

And I must end on that note. Let's see what all the other Twinsies did!

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