Sunday, December 8, 2013

KBShimmer - Candy Cane Crush

See. Told ya I love me some KBShimmer! I've got another one to show you!

Today I have Candy Cane Crush, the scented version. And oh does it smell wonderful! I love scented polishes anyway. This one has a really yummy, almost sweet peppermint scent. Mmmmmm!

I built it up on my middle two nails in three thick, dabbed coats; then I used Color Club Rebel Debutante on my index nail and pinky and tried to somewhat dot CCC at the base of those nails. It was a tad difficult and ended up being more of a glitter-placement-into-a-circle-ish-shape ordeal.

And I felt the need to pose this mani with a couple of cute little festive hand sanitizers I found cheap at a dollar store that was going out of business. Solely for the sake of holiday cuteness! ^.^

Overall, I quite liked how this mani looked. Simple but cute! And I always enjoy looking like a finger-sniffing freak in public!

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