Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fuglies Need Love Too! - Swatch Series Pt. 2/5

Welcome to Day 2 of my swatch series where you'll get to see some pretty ugly polishes. I have an obsession with the "so ugly that they're pretty" polishes. Specifically, poo-looking polishes. So I decided they needed some attention too! ^.^

First up is China Glaze Budding Romance.

This is two coats with no topcoat. It probably could have used a third because it is a tad sheer, though.

 It is definitely one of those baby poop greens! But I love it! No surprise there!

Next in the spotlight: China Glaze Trendsetter

While this one is more of an Army green, it still fits into the "liquid poo on my fingertips" category!

Here I've shown it at two coats with no topcoat.

I love the extra golden sparkle in this one!

That's it for today! I'll have another fugly to show you tomorrow! :)
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