Monday, December 23, 2013

KKCenterHk Review - Mirror Black Nail Foil

It is no secret that I love nail foils! So I was pretty excited to get to try this black mirror foil (E52) from KKCenterHk!

This foil runs from $6.92-10.80 USD depending on whether you get foil glue with it or not. 

I hadn't actually used foil glue until I got this one, I always used Orly Bonder instead. I do definitely prefer the actual foil glue, though, now that I've tried it. It remains super sticky even after it is dry and just works wonders!

The quantity info on the site about this is wrong, though. You actually get about six feet in length of foil, and the width is one inch.

The foil looks a lot different once it is on the nail. Below I have shown it with a coat of Seche Vite on the left, with a coat of matte topcoat in the middle, and all by itself on the right.

It has much more of a shimmery, metallic look to it when a shiny topcoat is applied, and looks almost like a crackle polish that didn't crackle correctly when matted. All by itself it has a pinkyish purple sheen to it and has a very textured look. Personally, I prefer the foil with topcoat. The topcoat does make it crinkle up a little, but it starts to relax more once the topcoat is dry.

I discovered that this foil is very difficult to remove when you're doing cleanup. It will come off with remover like normal polish once you're done and taking the whole manicure off, but I had a lot of trouble cleaning it off just my cuticles (you can see how bad I dried them out trying to clean them up). The acetone would take away the black, but wanted to leave a squishy, almost melted silver foil, behind (most evident on my ring finger - far right). So definitely apply your glue and make sure it is nice with a crisp cuticle gap before sticking the foil to it!

Overall, this foil surprised me. I was definitely expecting to have a full, shiny, straight black nail similar to the foil; but it looks a lot different once it is on the nail. It isn't a bad look, though, but I much prefer the added shine Seche Vite gives to it.

If you pick up anything from KKCenterHk, use my coupon code NLL and you'll get 10% off your order!

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