Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stripey Wave Nails

Press Sample

I was pretty stoked to get an envelope stuffed full of nail vinyls from UR Sugar! They sent me a ton of these things to play with! The first design that caught my eye was this wispy wave vinyl. So I started out with a stripey blue base using Rica Whiteout and three Born Pretty Store stamping polishes (just because of their high opacity and I was feeling lazy, didn't wanted to do more than one coat of each): #17, #18, and #284. I used #288 for the darker blue waves.

I was really impressed with these vinyls! They stuck down well, even along the curves and edges, but they weren't so sticky they gave me issues upon removal, and didn't peel anything up (I used a peel-off base coat which can be a pain sometimes when also using striping tape or vinyls; they like to peel your whole nail of polish off prematurely).

This vinyl design in particular was a pretty perfect size for my nail as well. I couldn't quite fit more than one wave per nail, but they weren't overly massive or itty bitty, so I was pleased. Plus I just love how this mani turned out, so fun and beachy!

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