Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Little Black Dress Lacquer: Summer Holo Gemstone Collection Swatches

Press Sample
Inspired by her jewelry-making days, Courtne of Little Black Dress Nail Lacquer created this bright trio of spectraflair-infused beauties, simulating the brilliant glow of precious stones called the Summer Holo Gemstone Collection.

Talking about the collection, Courtne found a pair of earrings a few months ago she'd made and packed away which got her to thinking she could combine her two crafting loves: "Why did I stop wearing them? What on earth made me pack them away? What was I thinking?! As I stared at the stones I reminisced on my jewelry making days and an idea came to me. Why don't I merge my two interests and make nail polish inspired by my favorite gemstones". 

I couldn't get the linear holo shine to show through on camera as well as they came across in person, but they are so amazingly full of rainbows to the naked eye! Plus, I'm trilled to be working with Courtne again and swatching her new collection for you!

Holo Citrine
The first polish is a pretty greeny yellow (citrine, duh) color that needed three coats for complete coverage. I tried this one first and it kind of blew my mind; it was drying almost faster than I could get it on my nail! I'm all for a polish that dries in mere seconds! Fully impressed.

Holo Gold Sandstone
This gorgeous dusty orange was another three-coater that dried fast and had such a gorgeous, full-spectrum shimmer! I love it, I would say this is definitely my favorite from the trio! I probably could have gotten away with just two coats, but had just a hint of nail line showing under my blinding LED bulbs (not so much in person, this was the most opaque of the bunch).

Holo Pink Tourmaline
A pretty, girly pink. I used two coats for this one, but probably should have added a third to deepen the color more. But wait, did you say these even dried down to a shiny finish on their own while still being chock-full of holo pigment? Why yes, yes I did! Besides, this is the shade of pink that comes to mind when I think of the Pink Ladies in Grease, so what's not to love?!

This collection is available now and can be found on Etsy here. A trio of minis is $20 USD, full size for $35, or the polishes may be purchased separately at $12.

Thank you Courtne! You've created another round of gorgeous polishes as always!

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