Friday, July 7, 2017

Sally Hansen Romantic Rendezvous Collection: My Picks - Swatches & Nail Art

Press Sample
Sally Hansen has a couple of new summer collections out for 2017, and from the one called Romantic Rendezvous, I picked the polishes I liked the best to swatch today. I love the saturation of these! They are like a fun mix of springy pastels and rich autumn tones, but end up actually playing really well together! The other three in the collection were various shades of beige, and I'm full to the brim with beige polish, so I just requested these four. I'll have a few nail art looks at the end of this post too!

Orchid-ing Aside
First up is a pretty pastel lilac color. I did two thin coats, but after I got the pictures on my computer, under macro-inspection, I feel like it could have benefited from a third coat. It dried surprisingly quick, and had an absolutely perfect formula!

Cabernet with Bae
Viixen nails: level 10! This is like the badass older sister to Orchid-ing Aside in that sultry, blackened plum. I'm showing two coats here, but it barely needed the second. It also dried fairly shiny on its own.

Proper P-rose
How elegant does that look?! Another perfect, quick-dry formula in two easy coats. Buttery smooth application. This is a pretty English Rose type of color that just looks so fresh and juicy. Another shiny finish with this one as well.

Jealous Boyfriend
Jewel tones are so pretty in autumn, so I can see this one being well-loved in a couple of months! It was so highly pigmented I almost could have gotten away with one thick coat, but applied two thin ones for my swatch.

Lets get on with the nail art, yea?

I really wanted to see Orchid-ing Aside and Cabernet with Bae blended together, so I went for a simple, monochromatic gradient. These purples complement one another so well, and look beautiful together!

Over Proper P-rose I added a few white stripes, forest green dots, and swirly roses mixing the same base pink and white, with OPI That's Hula-rious! for the foliage. This color was just screaming "flowers, please" so I had to oblige!

Finally, over Jealous Boyfriend, I used Orchid-ing Aside as well as Zoya Liv for some layered flowers, and Zoya Maria Luisa for their centers. I painted strips of both purple polishes on my silicone mat, then when that dried, I peeled the polish off and cut the flowers out of it with a hole punch; it is really such a fun technique, and I love doing hole-punch manis!

Which of the four is your favorite? I'm having a hard time trying to pick, I just can't settle on a single one because they are each gorgeous in their own way.

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