Sunday, July 30, 2017

Holo Flakies: Loose Glitter & Gel

Press Sample
A new-to-me company UR Sugar contacted me and asked me to try out some of their products available on Ali Express. This particular product they sent me is what really drew me in. It is another one of those loose glitters everyone has been going nuts over lately, but is more of a holo flakie and I was pumped to test it!

I assumed this was like its sister products and I first tried to buff it into a gel topcoat but absolutely nothing stuck. Unfortunately I knew this was going to lead to a much thicker nail than it would had I been able to perfectly smooth down the flakes. So I dipped my nail with wet topcoat directly in the pot of holo flakies, and needed five thin coats of gel topcoat to end up with a shiny finish that was about 99% smooth. 

Considering how cheap their products are, this is definitely worth a play; however, my pot only came with enough product for about two full manicures, and that is pushing it. Also, I wasn't able to catch the full rainbow spectrum on camera, but in person, this stuff is so full of glowy rainbows, it really is gorgeous!

All-in-all, I'd give it four stars out of five. It is definitely beautiful and affordable, but I wish there'd been more product in the jar. For the distance it traveled, shipping time was very reasonable too! So far, I am pleased, next I'll be trying some of their vinyls so stay tuned for that!

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