Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Black & Silver Ruffian Nails feat. BPS Mirror Polish

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Mirror nails are the latest nail trend, and I've seen a lot of people both use and enjoy Born Pretty Store's silver mirror-finish polish. So of course I wanted to give it a go myself! From what I've seen it is highly reflective, but unfortunately I didn't really get those results. It was watery thin and almost spray paint-like in formula, as I expected, with high coverage in two to three coats. I went sans topcoat although that didn't seem to make a difference either way.

I'm not sure if the formula of this polish has been changed, and it is still pretty, but definitely a little disappointing as I was expecting it to be much more reflective (see how reflective it is in videos here). I feel like mine is closer in finish to OPI's Push and Shove. Plus is was horribly messy. If I didn't pay 110% attention to what I was doing, it managed to splash all over my mat as the brush reached the tip of my nail, and it dripped off the brush easily. Considering they have the same finish, I think I would opt for Push and Shove simply because it is cheaper and has an easier formula to work with; the smell is not as strong, and it needs half as many coats for opacity.

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