Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Weekly Dose of Rainbows: Watercolor Heart Print

For this week's rainbow design, a pattern, I was trying to go for this sort of look. I suppose I basically achieved what I was going for, but I expected more of a watercolor finish considering I used an actual palette of Crayola watercolors over a matte white base.

Unfortunately I had a hard time getting the watercolor paint to stick. I had to mix it pretty thick and go over each heart a minimum of three times to get it to all stay in place, therefore making it more opaque and losing the watercolor-ity of it. Still it was fun and something new to try! I probably could have gotten similar or better results with watered down acrylic paint, but now I know pretty well how they act on polish, so I know for next time.

I love finding different craft supplies to incorporate into nail art! Anything unusual you've created with art supplies on your nails? I want to know, I'd love to try it!

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