Monday, June 13, 2016

Liquid Palisade Demo

Press Sample

To create my rainbow mani from earlier today, I figured I'd use Liquid Palisade since they sent it to me to try out. Squishy marbles are pretty messy, so it was a good opportunity to put it to the test!

So I started with a dry base of white, and simply painted the Liquid Palisade around my nails to protect my cuticles from the polish. I like to flood my cuticles with the barrier and get right up against that base color so I have little to no cleanup. 

You can see the difference between the third and forth frames what it looks like when it is wet versus when it is dry. It starts out as very light purple, then dries to a transparent darker shimmery purple. As far as application goes, this stuff was super smooth and fluid! It pretty much went where I wanted it to with very little guidance! The brush was nice and flexible, plus is it very small, making it easier to get into all the nooks and crannies (I'll show off a nail design I did using the French tip version of Liquid Palisade later too). The brushes in both the regular and thin tip form are it. They are legit the best things I've ever applied a cuticle barrier with!

After I did the marble, I peeled the barrier off with tweezers. I'd applied it thick so it came off in one solid grab, absolutely zero issues, and I was left with just a fraction of the mess!

Unfortunately Liquid Palisade is high on the price scale at $14 USD for a very tiny 0.08 fl oz bottle. I can understand that, because I absolutely love everything about this product! It dries quick, top notch formula and brush for application, and it peels perfectly. I've used about half of both bottles on just two manis, though. Plus considering how often I do my nails, it just isn't a logical solution for me. I do plan on trying to fill them back up with my own jar of liquid latex paint that I normally use as a cuticle barrier once they are empty though, because I'm just floored by the brushes!

Overall, yes I recommend the product. As long as you're willing to spend the money. I am 100% pleased with everything about Liquid Palisade itself otherwise; however, would I purchase it myself? Maybe once just to try it, but I highly doubt it since I have a much cheaper product that works almost as well. My current liquid latex isn't quite as thin and I use a polish brush to apply it, so sometimes it is a big hassle, whereas Liquid Palisade's brushes are the perfect sizes. I do use a latex barrier at least once a week, though, so it is more economical for me to use the 16 oz latex paint tub I purchased for around the same price, and just deal with an annoyingly large brush. If Liquid Palisade was 1/4 of the price, though, it would for sure be my #1 go-to!

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