Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Holo Floral Water Marble featuring Anonymous Lacquer's Hella Holo Customs One-Year Anniversary Trio

It is no secret that I am a long-time Anonymous Lacquer devotee. I got her Hella Holo Customs trio from February, and couldn't decide how I wanted to wear them, so I figured I'd see how they marbled. Considering the massive amount of sparkle in these, I was really surprised at how perfectly they spread in the water and that they were so easy to draw in!

The three Anonymous Lacquers are Sea of Stars (royal blue holo), Muah! (purple with larger bits of sparkle), and Make Midas Blush (pink loaded with holo and shimmer).

And since I've been meaning to do a review on her base and topcoat, I used it over my marble. It is thinner, but dries quickly, and I had absolutely no issues with it smearing my colors! I've also been using her sticky base coat. I love the green tint to it, it seems to help even out my nail color, I guess like green foundations do? Anyway, I'm a fan!

The base and topcoat lasts well. I don't wear my manis long enough to ever really give any topcoat a good test because for me three days is max wear-time and I'm ready for something new before it ever even gets a chance to chip or wear. I do love that these dry fast though, and the topcoat is especially great for solid one-color manis, adding just a clear sealer without extra, unnecessary bulk.

That's it for me and my holo overload marble today! Thanks for stopping by!

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