Friday, March 11, 2016

Dermelect 'ME' Outburst Collection for Spring 2016: Swatches

Press Sample

I've got swatches of the 'ME' Outburst collection for spring 2016 from Dermelect!

It is a fantastic four-piece set! Macros and details below the jump.

First up is a lovely pinky lavender. Application was surprisingly smooth and easy considering it is so loaded with shimmer! Because of said massive amount of shimmer, it allowed Impromptu to dry fast, though slightly dull. I've shown it here with a layer of topcoat because the shine really brings out all the sparkle.

I did need four coats for opacity with this one, but knowing now how the formula is, I think I could get away with just three the next time I wear it. You have to apply it with a light hand, otherwise it will drag and cause bald spots. I pretty much had to glide my final three coats on with next to no pressure.

This one seems to look a little more purple in the bottle, but more pink on the nail. It is hardly noticeable, and only in person, but I could be delusional.

One coat. One single, juicy, creamy, silky smooth layer of beautiful pigmentation here. Color me impressed. The formula wasn't too thick or thin, but was a little on the thicker side, aiding the one-coat application. It was very easy to work with and a dream to put on.

Unscripted dried at a pretty average rate. I am bad at timing the true dry time of polishes though because I always add a quick-dry topcoat before they're fully dent-proof anyway. It stayed pretty shiny pre-topcoat, though, and is a gorgeous spring-perfect purple!

At first glance, this one reminded me of Zoya Perrie. I would have sworn they were exact dupes until I tried them side-by-side. Unscripted is on my index and ring nails, with Perrie on my pinky and middle nail. It is a little lighter and quite brighter than Perrie, plus it has that impeccable formula!

Unfortunately Frenzy wanted to sink in to every nook and cranny of my nail beds, showing any slight imperfection in them. It doesn't bother me since I use Seche Vite for a nice, thick coat of smoothing protection with all my manis, but I figured it was worth noting.

It does dry very fast, but was so watery thin I had a hard time not flooding my cuticles with polish. Being so thin, I was surprised I only needed two coats for complete coverage!

I absolutely love this color! Of course, blues are where it is at! I'm not so sure about the finish, though. It is just personal preference, but I am not the biggest fan of pearl/frost finishes, and this one is half a step away from being a pearl to me. Frenzy shows all the brushstrokes in the polish (sponge on your final coat to avoid that!), but they do dry down and melt away somewhat in the end. I dislike frost, but I can handle it when the cool, icy color is so downright gorgeous!

Last but not least, a nice coral creme. This was another one that showed all nail imperfections, but that is an easy fix with topcoat. It also wanted to pull at the previous coats of polish, so I had to apply it with a very light hand.

The formula was buttery smooth and needed three coats for opacity. I could have gotten away with two coats had I used less pressure though. It dried pretty shiny without topcoat, but I'm wearing Seche Vite in the swatch. It is also brighter in person than I was able to photograph, my pics are somewhat washed out, no matter what I tried to do to show the color accurately.

Once again I was wrong! I was certain Explosive was a spot-on dupe for the original Sally Hansen Coral Reef.... Nope! Explosive (index and ring) is more orange and a little lighter than Coral Reef (middle and pinky). They are similar, but definitely not the same.

What was your favorite color from the collection? I am torn between Frenzy and Unscripted myself. That one-coat formula of Unscripted is killer, but I am a sucker for blues!

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