Monday, March 28, 2016

Awesome Sauce Indie Box: Swatces - March 2016 Barbie Theme

Press Sample

The newest Awesome Sauce box is available! This time the theme is Barbie. I have swatches of all five polishes plus a live application video at the end that also shows the extras from this month's box: a scrub, cuticle bar, and 3D Barbie nail art pieces.

First up is probably my favorite this time, though it is hard to really choose:

Lavish Polish - Let's Go Party

This one was a nice two-coater with a perfectly smooth formula but ultra sparkly finish! It is a warmer toned lilac packed with various shimmers and holos. I usually don't go for purples, but there's just something about this one that has me smitten!

I loved that Lou It Yourself's vinyls were glittery pink, so in lieu of doing a design and removing them, I chose to just lay the vinyls over dry polish and seal them in with topcoat. I think it turned out pretty dang cute too!

Anonymous Lacquer - Bridezilla

Again I needed two thick coats for this one. It was thicker than normal, but dried quickly since it is so full of shimmer. The formula was a little more of a hassle, but I feel like with whites you either get thick and more opaque, or thin and too sheer; so I'm good with it. This isn't stark white, it has a somewhat ivory look to it and is beautiful with a shiny topcoat! Anonymous Lacquer also included a lotion bar kin to the oil from the last box, in that delicious, summery Pearberry scent!

Vapid Lacquer - Demolition Barbie

Nothing less than what I expected from Vapid. An edgy polish to throw some punk rock into the mix! Demolition Barbie is a shifty black with a blue to purple flash and tons of sparkle! I needed two thin coats for opacity with this one.

Ever After Polish - Malibu Barbie

I can definitely see Malibu in this one. It is a jelly polish, needing four+ coats to be opaque, but it has a beautiful pink flash to it along with a fine linear holo. Ever After also included a face mask/scrub aptly named Malibu Mud, which smells so sweet and has pumice and jojoba in it among other nourishing ingredients. In a week's time I've already completely used it up! We did some painting inside our house and it worked wonders to get the splatters off my skin while keeping from drying my hands out like crazy!

Cupcake Polish - Barbie Girl

Last but not least, this month's feature polish is a stunner. A great fuchsia pink filled to the brim with linear holo sparkle. Also a one-coat wonder. I'm definitely a fan for my first go with Cupcake Polish!

And a little bonus content just because I was having fun playing with these polishes. I used all of them in a drag marble and tried the Barbie head studs and glitters with it.

That is it for me today! If you're interested in the Awesome Sauce Indie Box it is available now for preorder here.

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