Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Digital-Dozen: New & Improved & Twinsie Tuesday: Words - Polish Love

I like being able to do multi-function manis. Today is Twinsie Tuesday with the theme "words" - very vague and difficult to interpret, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do for it - the cursive "love" nail I've done before and failed miserable at! And it is Digit-al Dozen "new and improved" week. So I've revamped my polish bottle print mani (I've done two versions before, here and here) and practiced improving my writing-words-on-nails skills in this all-holo mani I dub Polish Love. I just CAN'T STOP painting polish bottles on my nails! I love the look so so much! I guarantee I'll be doing it again in the future, count on it!

This time around I used Anonymous Lacquer's Holiday Princess collection (I have a live application video of the four-piece set here) which consists of: Aristocrat Reign (blue), Gift for a Princess (lavender-pink), Royal Highness (purple), and Diamond Tiara (silver holo topper over medium pink Crayola Cotton Candy).

And just because it is gorgeous and holo and blue and absolute perfection in a bottle - the base of Aristocrat Reign in all its sparkly solo glory:

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