Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Squishy Stamper Trio Review + Purple Stamped Roses on Grey

I love the big squishy stampers, and was excited when I saw Born Pretty Store had started carrying them! I do review for Born Pretty Store, but I also shop there frequently because for one, the prices are just unbeatable! 

They sent me three of the squishy stampers and two metal shot glass-style holders (which of course I vamped up with some holo polish and rhinestones), plus a plastic card scraper. Since it is sort of a base for comparison and is widely known, I compared the three to Creative Shop's big squishy stamper. 

In terms of squishiness, the blue one was very soft, the pink was pretty soft, and the red was just slightly softer than the CS. They're the same size and shape - a flat top and nice thickness like the Creative Shop. These stampers needed to be swiped with acetone though because they were very slimy like they were coated in some sort of oil or something. And apparently, the squishier the stamper, the worse it picks up; so I'll have to keep working especially with the blue and pink stampers and continue trying to prime them to perfection.

In the end, I went with the red stamper. Over a base of Poparazzi Mauvie Night, I stamped roses from BPL-024 with Polish My Life Plumberry Sugar.

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