Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Awesome Sauce Indie Box Swatches: Mermani Theme

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Today I have swatches from the Awesome Sauce Indie Box to share with you! This time around, the theme is "mermani" and it is chock-full of sparkling, holo deliciousness!

The box comes with five polishes, one each from Ever After Polish, Anonymous Lacquer, Lavish Polish, and Vapid Lacquer, plus guest brand Literary Lacquers, and nail vinyls from Lou it Yourself. You also get a few extras in this box: a cuticle crelly, cuticle oil, 3D seashells, mermaid glitters, and rainbow jelly rhinestones in various sizes.

We'll jump right in to the swatches, and if you want to see how they apply, I have a video here.

Scaling the Open Sea
First up is Ever After Polish's contribution to the box. It is a beautiful silver with a strong holo and black shards. It needs two to three coats to be opaque. I needed two when I did the live swatch on it, but three when I did pictures, so I may have just applied thicker coats in the video. This polish is absolutely gorgeous, and looks like it has a bit of a pink/blue flash to it.

Golden Mermaid
The next wonderful glitter comes from Lavish Polish. It looks like it could be kin to the Ever After. It is similar in looks but with a gold holo base. It only needs two coats, and the shards aren't as prominent, but it has the same smooth application, and pinky blue flash.

No Clam Shells Needed
Vapid Lacquer's Awesome Sauce polish is just that: awesome! It is a beautiful blue/green thermal packed with various glitters in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and colors. The base is jelly so it needs a minimum of three coats for opacity. It has such a pretty transition though, and the glitters are so fun! This one applied well, and dried quickly.

Mermaid Magic
Mermaid Magic is a gorgeous royal holographic from Anonymous Lacquer. This beauty needed one coat to cover completely! Ah-maz-ing! I'll have a comparison post up next week of this and three other AL holo purples.

Each to Each
The feature brand for the box, Literary Lacquers, has given us a sky blue jelly holo. This one is so delicate and pretty but has a brilliant holo sparkle to it! Three coats for an opaque finish. It has an added dash of silver glitter to make it just slightly different than a plain holographic.

And of course, I used some goodies from the box to create a cute nail art look (see the video for a tutorial at the end)! 

I used Anonymous Lacquer Mermaid Magic, Lavish Polish Golden Mermaid, and Lou it Yourself scale vinyls, plus a couple clusterings of the 3D decor. The colors just all play so beautifully together!

That is it for me today! Pre-order begins January 29th for the Mermani box here. And of course, thank you to all of the lovely creators for letting me show off their creations at NailsLikeLace!
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