Friday, October 2, 2015

Awesome Sauce Indie Box: Monster Mash Edition

I have swatches to share today of the ever-elusive Awesome Sauce indie polish box! This month's theme is Monster Mash!

First out of the box, there's an information sheet introducing all the contributors, with descriptions of their Awesome Sauce polish creations.

An overview of everything in the box:

The first to grace my tips from the box is from a new-to-me brand.

Lavish Polish - Must Eat Brains

Lavish was inspired by zombies creating this pinky beige .  

I needed two coats for Must Eat Brains, and it had a perfectly smooth and fluid application. It was a bit topcoat hungry though, and needed two coats of Seche Vite on top for a glassy finish.

Supernatural Lacquer - Pumpkin Head

This bright but dusty orange beauty is from the featured brand of the box, Supernatural Lacquer. Inspired by the slasher film Pumpkinhead, this is a jelly holo with black flecks.

Pumpkin Head was very thin and applied well. It covered evenly in two coats but left just a touch of my nail line showing, so I did three coats. It dried quick with such thin coats and is absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous Lacquer - I Want to Drink Your Blood

First, I wore this red jelly alone. It has a ton of different glitters floating in it! From red glitters, to black, iridescent, holos, circle glitters, triangles, shreds, flakes, and so on!

The chunkiness of this glitter aids in opacity, I needed two coats to wear it solo. It turns into a beautiful, bright, squishy, cherry red!

I also decided to try this one out at two coats over Pumpkin Head. The jelly is still sheer, so it takes on more of a tomatoy look over the orange, and you get a lot of extra sparkle with that holo underneath! I'm still not sure which way I like it better!

Vapid - Headless Horseman

Another new-to-me-brand, Headless Horseman from Vapid Lacquer is a blackened base with a sort of navy/indigo shifting look to it, and it is packed with gorgeous copper/red shifting micro flakes and red glitter.

Two thick coats floated on made this one opaque. It liked to try and drag so I had to take care in not being heavy handed with it. It is beyond gorgeous - like a spooky night sky straight out of Sleep Hollow itself!

Ever After - Witchin

The final polish from the box was a difficult one to capture on camera, as all purples are! I tried to correct them, but my pictures are still leaning too blue. Witchin is a blue-toned purple with a green to aquamarine flash, depending on the light.

This is a really beautiful color in person! The shift looks magical! I needed two coats to make it opaque, and I love that the shimmer is very strong in it, but not to a point that it becomes streaky! It is so bright and beautiful, Witchin is the perfect name for it!

Lou it Yourself - Nail Vinyls

The Awesome Sauce box also included a sheet of various Halloween themed nail vinyls - spiderwebs, pumpkin faces, bats, and witches.

Witches.... Witchin'. It was pretty much inevitable that I try out the witch vinyls over Ever After! I originally planned on sponging around the witch and removing the vinyl, but loved the bold look of the black vinyl against the purple polish, so I just left it on, use a few coats of Seche Vite to keep it down, and matted the whole mani (plus a couple bat glitters from Ellagee).

The vinyl curved to my nail and stuck down really well! It never even tried to lift!

To try them out and see how crisp of a line I'd get, I also used the vinyls in a pumpkin mani with Supernatural and Vapid.

I got nice, clean lines in my pumpkin's face, with no polish leaking under the vinyls. 

Ever After - Bath Dust

A couple of pampering items came in the Awesome Sauce box as well. The first being a soak to add to your bath or mani bowl.

I love the scent of this! My very first thought when I opened the box was "omg it smells just like the Renaissance Fair" (which I've been an avid lover of for decades)! I love the glitter added to this, too! Such a fun little touch!

Supernatural Lacquer - Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub

Last but not least, a scrub from the feature brand. That descriptor on the jar - fantastic! Makes me think of Harry Potter, and I love anything that even reminds me of HP! Haha!

First, can we just talk about how genius this little stopper cap is?! I can't name how many scrubs and balms I've purchased that have arrived with oil all over the outside of the container, or that have leaked into the packaging. The snap-in cap inside the twist-off cap is so perfect!

The scrub itself has a sort of woodsy, natural smell to it. It isn't so much spicy as it is very heavy on the artificial pumpkin scent. It is almost a little too strong for me, personally. I like things to be very scented, but my nose is unsure of this pumpkin smell being so prominent.

Regardless, the scrub works fantastically! It is neither extremely harsh or gentle, but a good in-between. It left a great amount of moisture after drying my hands too!

The Awesome Sauce Indie Box goes up for sale today at 5 p.m. EST here! It is limited edition and goes fast, so get there early if you want to snag one!

*Box was sent free for swatching, but all opinions are honest and my own.*
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