Saturday, October 10, 2015

Peacock Nail Foil

Just a quick review today on these nail foils I received from Born Pretty Store.

Unfortunately I wasn't as impressed with these as I'd hoped to be. The foil itself looks downright gorgeous! It has a cool holographic effect to it, and the peacock feathers are beautiful! For best results, I used actual foil glue to adhere the foil, but it still missed a lot of spots and foil didn't tend to want to come off the plastic as well as it should have.

To top it all off, topcoat completely ruined the holo effect of the foil and dulled it a lot! Maybe if I transferred the foil first to a flat surface and made a sort of decal out of it, it wouldn't be so bad, but I hate that you can't topcoat it without losing the pretty sparkle!

*Foil sent free for my review, but all opinions remain entirely true and my own.*
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