Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sinful Colors: Skelebration - Glow Polish with Skulls

Well this polish thoroughly sucks!! I really should have layered it over a base color, but I didn't think about that until I was four coats and an hour in!

First, those cute little skull and crossbone glitters? BIGGEST PAIN EVER to get out of the bottle!! The polish itself wasn't as bad as I expected to build up, it was basically opaque ish at the fifth coat, I just had a hell of a time fighting with those skulls to get them out of the bottle. At six coats, I added some Seche, a matte topcoat, and was so done.

Not to mention, I used about 1/8 of the bottle on just five nails. Ugh.

This polish is lucky it looks wicked cool glowing in the dark, or I would have just taken it off as soon as I started and never put it on again. I purchased a blue glow-in-the dark with white moon glitters at the same time I got this one, and at this point, I highly doubt I ever even bother opening the bottle. I'm sure it'll be just as lovely and fun as this precious little gem.

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