Friday, October 9, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Teal

Whoo! Only 50 more weeks of the challenge left! This week, our color prompt was "teal" and I received the technique "skittles". It was kind of a difficult combo because how can I make each nail different when they're all the same color?

So I came up with the idea to do a sort of ombre look with two different colors of teal per nail, spanning from light to dark.

On my thumb I used Wet'n'Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint. I own two, and they're oddly both different colors o.O A Bellatrix teal and Island Girl Aloha Paradise on my index nail. Nails Inc. Queen Victoria Street and Sally Hansen Mint Sprint on my middle nail. I promise that bright green is Mint Sprint. I put down the Nails Inc. first, and once I topcoated, it bled through Mint Sprint and completely changed the color! -.- Sally Hansen Fairy Teal and Diamond Cosmetics Don't Teal My Heart Away on my ring nail. And finally Barielle Born 2 B Naughty (still hate that name) and NOPI Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam on my pinky. I used You Polish chevron vinyls for nice, even stripes of color.

For some reason, this was one of the hardest manis I've ever tried to photograph! My camera really hates medium and dark teals!

To see everyone else's teal manis, you can check the hashtags below, or InLinkz at the end!

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