Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday - Summer to Fall Transition Polish + Untriedicure #13

I was looking at some untried Avons for this mani but couldn't decide between Jade and Blossom. With the one polish called Blossom, and since I've never done them before, I thought a cherry blossom design would be cute. 

I used Zoya Dea for my branches, and mixed Blossom with Zoya Adel for various shades of pink.

I figured the green is lighter so it's bright enough for summer, but still a naturey and fallish color. The pink is rich enough for the beginning of fall, but still just really pretty and classic in the summer.

It was then brought to my attention that my nails looked like an Arizona Green Tea.... I wouldn't know. I've never drank the stuff, and therefore never pay attention to it in the store. So I relied on trusty ole Google, and, well....


It does look like an Arizona Green Tea mani! Ha! That's kind of funny!

Anyway, let's see what everyone else did this week!

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