Saturday, September 13, 2014

CND Sun Bleached

I received CND Sun Bleached, a pale, yellowed nude, from KKCenterHk, and was excited to try my first polish from this brand.

This polish took three coats for opacity and needed a fourth (although it is hard to tell in the pictures, it was more noticeable in person). It took some work to get the finished product to look like this!

The formula was thick, sheer, and streaky. Doing it in thin coats seemed to be the best route, because it did dry fairly quick, but it didn't last seven days as promised; I had slight tip wear after a day, granted, I am hard on my nails and hands, especially at work.

I absolutely love the color of this, but it is quite the drama queen. It is $10.25 USD (plus 10% off with my code NLL) at KKCenterHk. Is it worth it? I am going to say yes because I am happy with the end result. I think it is a very flattering color, even being a yellow, which is rare. I wouldn't suggest using it as a base for any intense nail art, though. Maybe something simple (like the mani you'll see Monday that I used this as a base for). It is already pretty thick on its own and you can't get away with no topcoat. This polish had no self-leveling properties and was in dire need of some Seche Vite on top!

I can see myself using this one again, despite it's downfalls, because I love the color so much! I can get past a horrible formula and painfully irritating application, as long as the beauty in the end is worth it!
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