Friday, September 26, 2014

Nail Honey Multi-Faceted + Neon Rainbow Studs

The main polish I used for this mani was my final Nail Honey lacquer Multi-Faceted; and I am so in love with it! Just look at that sparkle!

I put two coats of this holo mix glitter over Nail Honey Blurred Lines, and left my accent nail three coats of Blurred Lines with a rainbow line of neon star studs down the center that I got from Born Pretty Store.

This glitter polish has a ton of different glitters in it from large holo hexes, to shards, to small and mico holo and silver glitters; and then some! It is absolutely gorgeous! With the rainbow of color that shines out of a holo, I thought the rainbow star studs would look perfect with it!

The final photo belo is blurred intentionally to show the holo sparkle in this beauty!

I purchased my Nail Honey lacquer's from Bee's Storenvy here.

*Purchased Press Sample/Affiliate Link*
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