Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alphabet Glitters

I received alphabet glitters from Born Pretty Store to try. I searched through the 12 jars of glitters (although I was able to condense mine into five jars) and could only find two different colors for each letter. I was lacking in creativity and decided to do a simple "NLL" for Nails Like Lace.

These glitters are pretty cute, but they seem a tad big for nails, unless you're only spelling a four-letter word and putting one glitter on each nail. I bent mine a little too much when I put them on, but they do require a manual, slight curve to properly fit the nail.

I will actually be using my alphabet glitters as confetti for the tables at my daughter's second birthday party. I think they are going to be absolutely perfect to go along with her Sesame Street theme!

If you're interested, the lot of 12 jars is $9.23 USD (plus 10% off with my coupon code ANL91).
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