Friday, May 9, 2014

Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies - "How To" Part 2/3: Watercolor

Yesterday I premiered a mini series in which I am showing different ways to use the Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies (or OPI Sheer Tints if you have those instead).

Today, I have a second look using them. This is probably the most popular way: a watercolor mani.

As with most watercolor designs, you'll start off with a white base, then you would typically water down polishes with acetone and layer them on. These polishes don't require any additional work though, since they are so sheer. You just layer them straight over white.

I have used all six (check out yesterday's post for names), and topped it off with a no-name, multi-colored matte glitter polish from Love, Charlotte.

Unfortunately the blue and purple polishes are so sheer you can barely tell they're there, and the three pink family colors look almost identical. Still, these make for a quick and easy watercolor design without the use of extra materials.

Have you tried any of these new "jellies" from either brand? What do you think of them?

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