Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies - "How To" Part 3/3: Colored Decals

My final post for this little series is again layering these sheer jelly polishes over something else.

Here are installments one and two if you missed them.

I was wearing a set of Sally Hansen nail strips for a couple of days. After staring at the black and white design, I started to wonder how they would look with the jellies on top of them. So began my experiment.

I decided to apply two polishes to each nail, dividing them in half, and overlapping the jellies in the middle. This took four coats of each color, five for the blue and purple.

On my index finger I used Jell-ous? and Grape Jelly, Sea Through and Ice Tint on my middle nail, Grape Jelly and Ice Tint on my ring finger, Vitamin D-light and Sea Through on my pinky, and Ice Tint and Grape Jelly on my thumb.

I was worried that the polishes might somewhat deminish the boldness of the black lines in the decals, but I was pleasantly surprised! I just love how these look colorized!

What is your favorite way to use sheer jellies? Or do you have another technique I should try?

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