Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies - "How To" Part 1/3: Colored Holos

When I first picked up the Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies, I took so long to actually use them, because I wanted to come up with some different things to do with them.

For starters, I'll go through the polishes. From left to right, they are:

Berry pink - Jell-ous?
Coral pink - Water Melon
Peach orange - Vitamin D-light
Green - Sea Through
Blue - Ice Tint
Purple - Grape Jelly

These are not typical jelly polishes. They are more like the Sheer Tints from OPI, which I don't have to compare, but from what I have heard they are thinner and easier to work with than the Sheer Tints, but have about the same opacity.

I was curious as to how these would look over a holo polish since they are so sheer. So that is what I did for my first mani showing how these polishes can be used.

I started out with Color Club Harp on It, my all-time favorite silver holo. I then used (from pointer to pinky) Sea Through, Ice Tint, Grape Jelly, and Vitamin D-light on top of it.

First, here is one coat of the jellies:

They give a barely-there wash of color while leaving a strong holo effect at one coat.

With two coats, you can see a little more color, but there isn't a lot of overall difference:

Three coats of jelly polish offers a somewhat better color payoff, still with a fair amount of holo (as can be seen with my thumb in comparison having just the base polish):

At four coats, my jellies started to bubble quite a bit:

Fast forward another hour of layering and dry time because we are getting nowhere at this pace....

I ended up with eight coats of polish over my holo. It didn't look much different than six or seven color-wise, but took more and more away from the holo effect (and bubbled like a beast!):

All said and done, you can use sheer polishes for a sort of DIY colored holo polish if you're wanting a color that you don't have in actual holo polish.

I definitely recommend using very thin coats and letting them dry completely in between to avoid bubbling though.

My favorite was the shade I got when I layered all three except the green!

I do wish you could see the holo effect through these better, but I love how versatile they surprisingly are!

I'll show you another look using them tomorrow!

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