Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glitter Placement Tessellation

My idea for this mani came from Polish All the Nails and Jaunty Juli (I recreated her hand-painted version here) who I both saw tessellation manis from that I loved!

So for my glitter placement tessellation, I used Finger Paints Louvre This Pink as my base, and NOPI Be Awesome for the glitters.

If you saw my last post where I did glitter placement with this NOPI (*ahem*), I was hardly impressed with it. If you're interested, that post will catch you up, but I had to use it again for this mani because A) I paid full price for the piece of crap so I am going to use it, and B) It's the only diamond glitter I have (note to self: invest in more loose glitter in different shapes).

Overall, I don't hate this mani, I just would like some different glitter colors that have more contrast so something like this looks better.

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